Dedicated Road Freight

Your cargo will be picked up by one of our drivers and delivered directly to the desired destination. Door to Door.

OnBoard Courier

Your shipment will be delivered as soon as possible by a courier personally on the plane from A to B.

Technical Services

Your spare part will be delivered to the customer and assembled on site by our qualified personnel.

Medical Transports 2

We support you with the transport of organs, stem cells and medicine when life is at stake.

Fashion Luxury

The fashion industry is associated with a lot of time pressure, which we are happy to reduce.

FLUX Express Logistics- We are your specialist for express transport!

In urgent emergencies, we will come to your rescue! With our global network of drivers, on-board couriers, customs brokers and airlines we are perfectly positioned for your request. We are able to transport any kind of goods both nationally and internationally for you in the shortest possible time as urgent transport.

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For you on the road!

We accompany your transport goods on the fastest possible way safely to the destination.