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On-Board Courier (OBC)

Personally on the fastest, safest and most direct way to the goal!

Hand in hand

We will pick up the package from you personally and give it directly to the target person.



You call us or contact us by e-mail
A spare part urgently needs to be shipped from Düsseldorf to Mexico.

Frankfurt, Tuesday, 08:46


You will receive an individual offer from us

Frankfurt, Tuesday, 08:55


We plan the ideal routing to get your transport goods to their destination as quickly as possible!

Frankfurt, Tuesday, 09:10


You have accepted the offer and your package will be picked up directly from you by a driver.

Dusseldorf, Tuesday, 09:40

Check-in and customs

A courier is already waiting for the driver at the airport. All papers are prepared, so that only the export customs is pending.

Frankfurt Airport, Tuesday, 11:51


The spare part is loaded. You know about every step in real time via our tracking.

Frankfurt Airport, Tuesday, 13:28

Import duty

Upon arrival in Mexico, we process import customs with a customs broker.

Mexico City airport, Wednesday, 01:24


A driver drives the spare part to the destination and delivers it personally.

Mexico City airport, Wednesday, 02:36
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Our on-board courier service realizes the fastest possible and safe delivery of your urgent shipment thanks to our global air courier network. No matter if urgently needed spare parts, confidential documents or high value goods. We have couriers on 6 continents in more than 40 countries to organize a personally escorted transport for your logistical emergency in the shortest possible time. Our international express couriers are ready at numerous locations to transport your highly sensitive shipments around the globe.

Frequently asked questions about On-Board Courier (OBC)?

OBC is the abbreviation for "On-Board Courier". In this case, it refers to a courier who urgently transports and personally accompanies important deliveries both nationally and internationally by passenger aircraft.

As soon as the transported goods reach the nearest airport, a courier is already waiting at the entrance. After check-in and optional customs clearance, the package is already loaded and on its way accompanied by an on-board courier.

An on-board courier (OBC) falls under the category of "emergency transports". Since the handling of such an emergency product is individual for each case, many factors have to be considered here.

OnBoard Courier