Medicine & Pharma

Medical transports include all "emergency transports" that deal with the transport of sensitive goods, such as stem cells, medicines and medical technology equipment.

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More than 7.8 billion people currently live on earth. Each person has a different physical constitution and this requires individual medical care.
In order to be able to guarantee this constant medical care for people, a smooth logistics process is indispensable. Especially in the current worldwide Corona pandemic, medical care plays an existential role in society.

From production to distribution logistics to application on the patient. A missing medical device, an urgently needed stem cell shipment or a missing medication while on vacation. All these examples can, under certain circumstances, cause considerable damage to the patient's health or even put the patient in a life-threatening situation. At Flux Logistics, we are happy to help you with your medical emergency. We have a national and international medical emergency product.

The national handling is organized with the help of couriers and special transports. Our couriers all have the necessary experience and competence to transport according to the requirements. The international transports are handled by on-board courier. This means that your shipment will be picked up personally by one of our couriers. The courier transports the shipment in the hand luggage of the aircraft to ensure constant guarding and protection of the goods. The delivery takes place directly after the flight lands and is personally handed over by the courier to the contact person.

Flux Express Logistics will work out an individual safe and reliable solution for you. We are also happy to offer you refrigerated medical transports. These range from transport goods in medical refrigerated bags, cryogenic containers and dry ice transports to trucks with active refrigeration units.

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Frequently asked questions about medical transports

Strict requirements apply to organ transport. Often an organ transport is a very time-critical transport. There are some logistical solutions for national and international.

Covid-19 has changed the world. With over 1.6 million tests per week, everything has to fit during transport. The risk of becoming a victim of infection is very high. Here, we rely on high safety measures.

To calm the overall situation and stop contagions and disease in general, vaccines are essential. When something needs to reach its destination particularly quickly and safely, individual drivers and couriers are used.