Aircraft on Ground originates from aviation jargon and generally stands for the unfitness of an aircraft to fly. This applies to passenger, airliner and cargo aircraft.

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The required spare parts are usually not available at the current airport. The cancellation of a passenger or cargo flight causes high costs and leads to customer dissatisfaction when the flight is cancelled. The slot periods of the airport cause high costs, the aircraft must stay on the ground. In addition, if the flight is cancelled, passengers will claim back part or all of the ticket cost. Thus, an AOG causes a number of inconveniences and costs.

Averting the impending loss can therefore only be done with the help of a quickly planned and executed transport. Here we support you with pleasure. We can organize ground transports and special transports for you within Germany as well as the transport by OBC in the international area. In case of on-board courier we select a suitable and experienced courier from our global network. Our network has specialized couriers in all industrial countries, which allows a short response time and quick initiation of the order. 

We pick up the goods from you directly at the factory or distribution warehouse and bring them to the airport immediately. The courier takes over the shipment directly on site to achieve the fastest possible routing to the destination. The goods are always carried by the courier in hand luggage, if possible. This reduces the time spent at the baggage carousel and additionally protects the goods from damage. Depending on the destination, the courier clears the goods independently and delivers them as quickly as possible. The delivery and handover takes place immediately and personally by our courier. On your request we deliver the shipment Door - Door, Door - Airport, Airport - Door or Airport - Airport.

An aircraft of your fleet is damaged and does not receive permission to fly ?

Frequently asked questions about Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

Aircraft on Ground comes from the aviation language and stands for the unairworthiness of an aircraft. Whether passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft, which should be repaired immediately, because a flight failure causes high costs!
To prevent this, a replacement part delivery is usually requested.