The transportation of sensitive goods, such as jewelry, watches, gold and money requires special security, competence and discretion.

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This applies to both domestic and international transport with high-value goods and documents.

The transport is carried out on a national level by courier transport with trained personneland locked and sealed vehicle. We can arrange additional insurance of the goods for you. If necessary, we can also arrange security personnel for you. For the international transport we fall back on our long-standing experience in the on-board courier business. We have a global network of experienced couriers. This enables us to pick up and deliver your goods worldwide in the shortest possible time. Flux Logistics offers you the transport of valuables additionally for risk and crisis areas, which gives you maximum flexibility.


We are here for you and within a few minutes we will make you an individual offer, for a safe, fast and discreet transport.

Frequently asked questions about valuables / valuable goods transport

I. class securities include: Shares, securities, bills of lading, mortgage bonds, mortgage bonds, savings books.
In any case, secure handling is required along the entire route of transportation.

Valoren II. Class include: Cash, dividend coupons, tickets, precious metals and jewelry.
To provide extra protection for your valuables during transport, we offer additional security personnel and video surveillance.

A value courier ensures the highest level of security when transporting a valuable item. Most often, such transport takes place in a special (armored) vehicle. If necessary, the responsible personnel may be armed.

Valoren describes all valuables such as jewelry, cash, checks, securities or precious metals as a collective term. Special arrangements must be made for the transport of such valuables.