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You have to choose the right clothes or jewelry yourself - you get the right logistics solution from us.

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We are your reliable partner for logistics in the Fashion & Luxury sector and are committed to our customers both operationally and in an advisory capacity. In doing so, we make a major contribution to the successful future with our services.

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Whether fabric samples from the production site urgently need to go to quality control, or the latest collection to an exclusive fashion show, or a customer wants his new watch delivered directly to his home - we will find the optimal solution for you.

Logistics in the fashion industry has always had to constantly adapt to new trends, seasonal highs and lows. Regardless of the segment - mass market or premium and luxury brands - cost and schedule optimization, supplier flexibility and inventory transparency are the basic patterns for the logistics strategies of fashion houses around the world.

Our network of experts in sourcing countries (Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, India, Vietnam, etc.) and consumer countries coordinates all parties involved in the supply chain and optimizes costs and delivery times.

Our services cover the entire supply chain - from the delivery of products from all over the world to the supply of B2B and B2C recipients worldwide. We use appropriate transport equipment for each item, whether clothing, shoes or accessories. For national and international transports, we are optimally positioned with closely networked forwarding partners.

We coordinate the transport in close consultation with the customer as well as the producer - to exclude all damage from the outset. This can be done in special boxes, hanging or lying.

We have framework agreements with various airlines and carriers to ensure the most effective and fastest route from pickup to delivery.

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