Technical Services

An exclusive service of Flux Express Logistic. In addition to international transport, we offer assembly at the destination!

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Worldwide assembly service in urgent emergencies

Trained and qualified personnel

Available around the clock 365 days a year

Flux Express Logistic offers you another premium product besides the classic On Board Courier. Flux-Technical Services! Our courier has besides the professional OBC activity also a qualified training as a service technician. We transport your goods directly to your factory and have them installed by trained personnel.
Whether national or international, we are there for you!

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One of your industrial machines in the United States of America is damaged or broken?

You urgently need the spare part from your German factory? 

You do not have an employee at your plant in the USA who can professionally install the spare part?

No problem, we have our own service technicians and fitters who can take over both the transport and the installation for you worldwide.
Within the shortest possible time, we check the fastest flight route and collection of your urgently needed spare part.
Together with our service technicians we work out an optimal solution for the transport as well as for the installation of the goods and make sure that your goods are transported and installed as quickly as possible.

We are also happy to support you in project deals with longer duration and preparation time.
We offer you that our technicians complete a training with you. Thus, planning difficulties with your personnel are a thing of the past. Of course, we are also available to you as on-site managers worldwide.

We create for them the optimal solution that you need. Our service staff can act as a supporter for you as well as completely autonomously carry out the entire process from pick-up to installation and commissioning of your machine.

An assembly service describes the installation of a spare part, repair and commissioning of, for example, a machine. At Flux Logistics GmbH this service is offered internationally in urgent cases and also for long-term assignments.
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The tasks of a so-called maintenance technician include the organization of repairs, assembly of spare parts, maintenance and inspections of plants and machines. In addition, he is able to develop new concepts for maintenance. learn more

In the event of a sudden defect, repair is unavoidable. Overhaul includes all measures to eliminate damage to production equipment that (may) impair its use. The process borders on the replacement of entire production plants and covers the repair or replacement of assemblies and individual plant parts. learn more

Technical Services